Automating the switch from the LSI Logic to the PVSCSI Driver on vSphere


I’m currently doing a big project of upgrading to vSphere / ESX4i / SRM / Avamar (fill in the missing EMC product)

And while the upgrade of the hypervisors is fairly quick, the upgrade of the VM’s is not..

This is mainly due to the fact that im recommending my customers to not settle with just the VMtools / virtual hardware upgrade but also use this opportunity for the switch from the

VMXnet2 to VMXnet3 and to switch from the guest VM’s LSI logic to the PVSCSI driver..

If you are familiar with how to switch to pvscsi driver you know who much work involved with only VM upgrade..

I recently found two blogs which can automate the entire process !!

  1. Inject the PVSCSI driver to the OS (the cause to the BSOD when not doing it on a 2nd controller first..)

(translated from French).

 2. Switch the adapter:


  Itzik Reich
  Solutions Architect, IL Virtualization Technical Team Leader



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