VMworld 2014–The XtremIO Sessions At The CUBE

fresh from today, I wanted to put in one place all the video sessions we made with the great guys over at Silicon Angle.

the things I took from all the sessions we had about XtremIO were all about the questions, like the product, the anlysts themselves are now getting into the unique architecture of XtremIO and how the market is evolving toward the AFA based Data Center!


Based on their chronological appearance:

Matt Cowger, Global VMware & Architect of EMC, and Patrick Noia, Cloud Ops & Infrastructure Program Manager of VMware, offer insight on supporting the majority of storage in the labs because of multiple reasons, including reliability with XtremeIO


Avishek Kumar, Product Management of EMC XtremeIO, and George Hamilton, Senior Product Marketing Manager of EMC ViPR, discuss the advances EMC has made with ViPR to transform it into a platform to manage all a customer’s storage and the uptake in the market for XtremeIO


Ehud Rokach, Co-Founder of XtremeIO of EMC, walks through the progress EMC has made over the past few months and the big innovations with Flash live inside theCUBE with Wikibon’s Dave Vellante from the floor of VMworld 2014 in San Francisco, CA.


and yours truly talks about the development and growth of XtremeIO over the past couple of years and what Phase Three of XtremeIO means

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